In the Nick of Time

Just a few moments ago I came in from the garden and sat down to drink some water and start my first garden blog.  I was considering what to write when I looked up and outside and to my dismay found that in the few moments I sat here it had rained about a half inch.

So appropriate to my life at this time.  It seems like I’m always fighting the clock whether it’s my age, my health, or my garden!  “A day late and a dollar short” seems to crop up as a theme pretty often too!  But today, I can happily say that I met my goal of planting some onions and radishes just “in the nick of time!”

I also planted some peas yesterday so now all are being watered in although maybe a bit too enthusiastically.

I think back to my first, second, and third gardening year and a couple more  here and there and remember that the very day that I would get the most of my garden planted the weather people would decide that it was monsoon time.  I would break my back getting the whole (very large) garden planted and then the next day go out to find that there were ditches where once were seeds.  That first year as things came up they came up all over the garden.  Black eyed peas where the lettuces were planted.  Beets sprouting up in about every row.  The middle of the garden separated by a deep furrow that wasn’t put there by me and probably about 50% of the rest of the garden whisked away by the raging waters that ran through the plot.  Did you know that it was possible to have raging waters in the middle of a field?  I didn’t.  It is.

SOo, as of the moment there are 51 candy onion starts and 35 scallion starts along with a partial row of French Breakfast radishes tucked into the garden.  Whether they will still be there tomorrow, well, that’s another story.


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