Busy Day Getting Ready for Garden Share Program

Wednesday, April 9th begins my first ever Garden Share Delivery.  I’m really excited about it but at the same time there’s lots to do so no time to think much beyond that.

I started the day by running out to do some harvesting before the rain started.  It was calling for heavy rain which had not started at 7:45 am when I went outside so I was in a hurry to get as much done as possible.

Took a look at the row of onions that were planted yesterday and  true to form about half of them were pulled up and moved over by the heavy rains we got.  It’s hard to tuck an onion in with a mud blanket but I did the best I could.  Note to self: next time you plant onions and it’s going to rain – mulch them right away.

I really didn’t have any straw which was why they hadn’t already been mulched but when I saw the devastation and knowing that more was coming I stole some from the carrot bed area and tucked it around as many onions as I could.

I dug out of the mud and muck beets, parsnips, jerusalem artichokes, carrots, and leeks.  I harvested the spinach and some kale as well.  This took 1 1/2 hours.

I know, maybe you don’t care how long it took me but I do, so I’m recording it for posterity!  It then took me almost 3 hours to get all the mud off.  It didn’t help that the insinkerator is broken and I only have one sink (which, of course, was full of dishes) to work in.  It’s not easy to clean off around 30 pounds of veggies in a tiny little sink.  Anyway, I apologize to my share members they are NOT getting spick and span grocery store clean vegetables as it just wasn’t possible.  Another note to self: don’t try to start your spring share off with root crops unless the ground is dry.

It took another hour to sort the root crops and get them bagged up for everybody.  I weighed the bags and so far they are about 5 pounds each.

At 6pm I started making the bread dough for the bread add-on orders.  Four loaves of artisan and 2 loaves of gluten free.  It took about an hour to do that and the dough is quietly resting waiting to be put to bed for the night.  I had to make the dough early as the electric is not going to be on tomorrow for a segment of time so everything has to be ready so that as soon as it comes back on (here’s hoping) I can get them baked and they will be warm and smelling luscious for everybody’s pick up.

I also took about 15 minutes to start some sunflowers and some peas for the garden.  I’m doing that inside so as not to have to deal with the mud.

Well, it’s almost 8pm and I’ve not eaten yet today (which is common during the gardening season) so off I go to fill the belly and get some rest before a busy day tomorrow.

One response to “Busy Day Getting Ready for Garden Share Program

  1. HeidiAnn Geiger

    Great job! Too bad you don’t deliver to Spain! 🙂 that’s OK, the produce here is good..no GMO! You need to eat more often! just sayin’. 🙂 Have a good time.

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