Amazing Day

Today was one of those days that held some amazing accomplishments. Started out the day baking bread for a garden share member.  Enjoyed a short visit with her and then got to work outside.

My dad surprised me by coming up and announcing that he was going to plow up the garden area that needed done.  With the wet weather and his going in and out of town it was a welcome blessing.  I did not even expect to get it done that quickly.

While he plowed I transplanted some mache lettuce, mulched a row of scallions, cleared out debris from the herbs, and seeded a row each of arugula, Little Gem red romaine lettuce, and leaf turnip.  Can’t wait to see their little sprouts come through hopefully some time next week.

I planted 20 containers of soil sprouts to be ready for delivery Wednesday.

I also got my section of the garage cleaned up just about ready for the market paraphernalia to appear.

Total work time about 12  hours.

All in all a very productive day.

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