My Day “Off”

It was a glorious day in the neighborhood today!  Temps in the 80’s  with  more days like this to come  snow in the forecast.  But for the moment I will glory in the warm weather.

I generally like to take a day off during the week but since it was warm and dry a few things had to get done.  All in-ground crops were sprayed with a nutrilizer (nutrient fertilizer), some lettuce planted, and all the bedding plants watered and sprayed.  The strawberries that a fellow market gardener shared with me (thanks Rebecca) were given their first of three doses of nutrilizer before they can be planted outside.  All row covers were removed and folded except for two that could be thrown on if I think the spinach need covered to keep from frost.  Dandelion greens were harvested as the roots were pulled up in spots around the garden.

I did some research on purple tomatoes which will be offered at farmer’s market and garden share delivery.  My little granddaughter and I pulled out the stubble from 2 of the flower beds and raked some leaves.   We gave up after a while when the wind started to work against us.

We enjoyed playing outside in between the chores here and there and are very thankful to the Lord for this reprieve in the cold weather.



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