What Goes Up Must Come Down

I know that this statement explains gravity but it certainly in my life applies to other things.

I had such a good day on the farm Sunday but Monday brought other issues.  It got really windy Monday morning and I heard a I crash and went outside to find that my little greenhouse I had set up had blown over.  Many hours, dollars and seedlings were lost.  I’m sharing this as when we visit the grocery store we see little evidence of the ups and downs of gardening.  There are bins an bins of veggies sitting out for us to choose from.  Really the only hitch we might feel is if there is a bad crop that year the prices might be higher.  But the fact is that we don’t really feel the pinch too much as we just import produce from another country with better weather that year.  This is not real life, let me tell you!

Another way that gravity’s theory is applying lately is to the weather.  Monday we had 80 degree temperatures and the next day it was not much above 25 with below 20 for night time highs.  This caused the loss of more seedlings and I haven’t even had the heart to go out and see how the things already planted in the garden did.  I covered as much as I could yesterday but it was too cold and windy to take the time to cover as much area as needed it.  I’m hoping that my garlic and onion starts don’t get too badly frost bit.  But either way the cold halts production pretty quick and the seeds planted in the ground may or may not get warmed up enough to germinate in a timely fashion before rot sets in.  I guess you could say that gardening these days has become a crap shoot and the odds might just not be in my favor.

For my records, I planted about 225 onion starts and seeded some baby beets from Johnny’s seed company.  All told about 5 hours in the garden working.  I also dug up about 10 pounds of Jerusalem Artichoke and harvested as many greens as I could get done before the rain set in so I would have something for the garden shares.  

Gravity can be a good thing but the part when you hit the ground is not!

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