Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day.  In the 70’s and just right for working out in the garden.

Yesterday I got an unexpected day off.  Had a couple of friends stop by and we had a good visit.  The rest of the day was spent with kids and doing some running around with them.

So today, I started work first thing.  After I did some laundry, of course.  Started planting onions at 8:15.  I took some pictures of how I build my onion beds but haven’t figured out yet how to get them from the phone to here yet so will have to do a separate post with those.  After I had a bed of onions planted I started planting strawberries and carrots in the “Bucket Garden.”  Planted 25 Jewel and 25 Honeoye June Bearing Strawberry plants.  In those same bags I also planted carrots with a total of 168 pelleted carrot seeds from the bucket garden website.

Went back to the main garden and built a double bed for yet more onions.  Got it about 3/4 built and planted.  All told over 1000 onion starts went in today.  I still have about 800 more to get in.  Would have finished out the bed but had to run and pick up my daughter.  All told 9 hours were spent enjoying this beautiful day and getting  lots of garden stuff done.

Now my wonderful daughter is cooking me up a yummy steak obtained from Eric Rubel’s pasture fed beef.  It smells really good so…have to go!

3 responses to “Beautiful Day

  1. You must have a ton of space! I would love to have that much room. Will you be taking photos?

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