Sunny Saturday

Today started at 6:15 am.  It was already nice and warm when I got up so out the door I went.  Have to walk water up to the bucket garden to water the carrots and strawberries. I do that twice per day right now.

Finished planting out a partial row of onions and prepaired another raised bed and planted some more onions.  I planted too many onions this year so hope everyone on gardenshare program likes them!

Had to run over to the greenhouse where some of my vegetable flats are stored and got 20 pounds of Kennebec potatoes and about 7 flats of various cauliflowers and cabbages.

Came back and cut up the potatoes so they could heal over for future planting.

Sprayed the lettuce and all the flats with nutriment to prepare for planting.

Went ahead and planted 28 broccoli plants and applied diatamateous earth to them to help keep the bugs from chomping on them.

Was excited to see that the arugula and red mizuna finally sprouted.  Applied some DE to them as well.

Put soil sprout seeds in containers to soak.

Came in from the garden around 6 pm for dinner.  Total work day: 12 hours





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