Just an update

Don’t feel very inspired right at the moment but still want to give an update on the garden’s doings for my records.  So sorry if anyone is actually reading this – zero entertainment value here!! LOL

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I never got to make a post as it was one thing after another from the time I got up and out at 7am.  I had over 300 romaine lettuces to plant along with 24 late flat dutch cabbage and I planted some purple cabbage for our personal consumption.  These all went into the bucket garden.  Watered the “buckets” 3 times to get everything settled in.  The amazing thing was that while I was doing that a little green house was being constructed next to me.  I’m so excited about that as I’ve waited years to have one.  It’s very simple and inexpensive but it looks great and I will finally not have to bug somebody about babying my seedlings for me!

I wish I had pictures of it to post but alas, my daughter went off to visit with a friend and took my camera along.

Today was a rainy day so I laid low in the garden area except to move all flats inside as there is a possibility of frost tonight and I planted one row of carrots Adelaide early carrot from Johnny’s Seeds, 2 rows of beets (Jupiter and my favorite cylindra).

Made 6 loaves of Date Nut Bread for the bread share and cut a pound and a half or so of soil sprouts for delivery.

Dat’s about it.


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