First Fully Raw Day

I’ve had a goal for a while now to improve my health and my weight.  It’s been a project in motion and now I think I need to keep track to keep myself on track.  Accountability is an amazing thing even if it’s only a blog post I’m accountable to!

So if you are following this blog, sorry if I go off on a bit of a tangent.  I think I will do my posts daily but send them out only weekly so that you don’t have 2 emails a day coming in.

This category will also begin to contain some recipes and ideas for using up the veggies that are in your refrigerator.

But for today a single post is going out as my commitment to keeping it going.

The goal is to be fully raw everyday now that garden stuff is coming in.  I have no idea how close I will stay to that goal every day but hey, without a vision the people perish so that’s my vision for myself and for most of the family as well.



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