Wednesday and Thursday Goings On

Yesterday was Garden Share delivery day.  Went up to Sugarcreek in the morning to pick up some garden stuff.  Pea trellis, fish fertilizer, 50 everbearing strawberries, apples, and misc. other things.  Left the house at 7am and got back at 2pm.  Got the orders ready, did some computer work and took off for the delivery at 4:50.  Got back at 7:30.

Today got some soil sprouts started and went through my seeds to see what I would plant today.  Watered all the plants and flats, planted some “pear” tomatoes (my favorite).  Took a break to visit with some friends who got pictures of the greenhouse and the garden so that I have some to post here soon!

Planted white icicle radishes, red iceberg, green iceberg, all year round and sword lettuce.

Dug up 2 blueberry bushes that were in my dad’s way and transplanted them with his help.  Mostly he did it and I helped!


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