Racing the Rain

The weather forecast called for rain all day today.  I got up about 6:30 and noticed that it had not rained yet and, in fact, it was quite beautiful and sunny.    I still had a feeling that it was on it’s way so I got to work getting some things into the garden.  I had not met my goal of getting the potatoes in yesterday so decided that would be a good thing to do.

Measured out 5 long rows and planted about 40 pounds of potatoes.  If I get average yield then I should see about 400 pounds of potatoes by season’s end.

I planted 4 varieties: Kennebec, Red Pontiacs, Yukon Gold, and Russet.

As I was putting the last row in, the sprinkles started over head.  I got that row in, gathered my tools and was inside before the rain got too bad.  Pretty good timing.  That doesn’t happen often so I will not rest on my laurels.  Or brag.  Even a little bit.

When I got inside I planted up 8 trays of soil sprouts and called it quits in the garden for the day.

I’m happy for the rain as it will tuck all the seeds, seedlings, onions, and potatoes in nicely and more than likely with a day of sunshine within the next couple of days there will be tremendous growth amongst all the happy plants.


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