Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day today.  A bit on the cool side but nonetheless a wonderful day.

Since Sunday is my day off I just planted a flat of lettuces, a flat of spinach and other greens, etc and a flat of about 200 lettuces to be put into the “bucket” garden.

While I was doing that, my middle daughter who wants to have a portion of garden to herself to bring produce to market started about 20 different kinds of melons.  Melons are difficult to grow in the North as they need a lot of heat and a long growing period.  I’ve only had one good year of melons in the last 10 or so but we are trying enough different varieties we are hoping to find one or two that do well.

I also started some jumbo pink banana squash that a garden share member enjoys from her days in California.  Those babies can get up to 40 pounds.  My biggest one last year was 25 pounds.  We don’t have a long enough growing season here for them to get quite as big but still, I was pretty impressed.

Watered all plants and quit for the day.


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