Fourth Week of Garden Share

Today is Garden Share Day!

We have received torrential downpours for the last couple of days so no treading out into the lake garden.  It’s kinda hard to pick veggies if they are encased in mud.  But that’s no excuse, I’ve done it before. However, one has to be careful about tramping on the soil when it is wet.  It affects soil viability and structure so it is to be avoided.  Also, with a lot of plants you can cause yourself (and them) some terrible fungus problems so it is best to listen to the infamous mother nature and stay inside.

There was plenty to do inside anyway.  Started at 6am (Don’t feel sorry for me , I don’t HAVE to get up that early to make the bread but I do it that way when I can because I am, after all, me and being me means that a number of things could go wrong in the process and it gives me time to make a mistake.  Sometimes it’s terrible being me but most of the time it’s not that bad) making whole wheat bread for the bread shares.  Also made 3 loaves of gluten-free per request.  I make 7 loaves total for delivery.

whole wheat bread


Got orders ready and left the house about 5pm.  Was at the Bantam School from 5:30 to about 6:15 and headed over to St. Peter’s where I also have pick ups.

Thank you to all who are a part of the garden share hope you enjoy your share this week.


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