Catching Up and a Crazy Weather Night

It’s been a few days since I’ve had the time to post so I’m just going to catch up what has been planted in a general way.

It’s been pretty rainy and cold so not a lot has gotten done.  I did get 30 lettuce starts planted out.  Green Ice and Simpson Elite.  I also put out a half flat of Kossak Kohlrabi and a half flat of mixed colors cauliflower.    I also got 2 kinds of dill planted – fernleaf and bouquet.

Yesterday got soil sprouts started.

Today harvested all the spinach before it goes to seed and to make room for new stuff.  Also harvested some rhubarb and the wild onion that was growing in the garden.  It actually might have been chives that I started more of but that’s why I’m doing this blog – cuz I can’t remember!  If it was chives, then I’m a bit sad as chives make a great pesto and I would like to have more than I do but  do want to know for sure what I’m growing before I give it to someone else.

Last night I checked the weather and it said the low was going to be 47.  Well, when I looked outside about 6 this morning I was quite taken aback to see hard frost surrounding the area.  I pulled a 3/8 inch chunk of ice off the tarp that was outside over under my poor cauliflower plants.  A lot of good that did!

I did not see much actual permanent damage but the frost will brown the tips of things and also will slooooow things down quite a bit from growing.  It’s calling for another 40 degree night so I already have all the frost sensitive stuff covered and tucked in for the night.  I do hope that it will be the last of such cold nights as I’m dreaming of heirloom tomatoes……

My little goaties wondering why it's still so cold out

My little goaties wondering why it’s still so cold out

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