Gorgeous HOT Day!

Got outside at 6am this morning as I knew the weatherman was calling for 8o degree weather.  While it’s good that it’s warm, it’s not so good for getting transplants in.  It’s also not good for the lettuce that quite frankly prefers to enjoy spring before summer arrives (I must be related to lettuce).

Got a row of American Flag leeks planted using the special onion fertilizer which I’ve never done before so am anxious to see if it helps.

Weeded the entire front area of the garden.  Just got it cleaned up a bit and it looks pretty good.

All foliar fertilizing needs to be done before the sun gets too hot.  It needs at least 15 minutes on the leaves to do it’s thing so sprayed the sea minerals and nutriment on everything.

Next job on the list was to pick up the last of my seed flats from the greenhouse.  Picked up Went and picked up 6 flats from the greenhouse

Watered everything in twice.  Even though it rained heavy yesterday the flats and the “bucket” garden dry out quickly.  Really the bucket garden is to be on an automatic timer and watered 4 times per day but the water lines need fixed and I’m running too crazy to get it watered 4 times.  I’m sure I will be sorry I don’t but….


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