Happy Mother’s Day and What Does De-Furring Your Legs Have to do with Organic Gardening?

Happy Mother’s Day to anybody out there who actually reads this blog!  And thank you.  For doing that.  Reading the blog.  You might not anymore after reading this post.

The answer to the question of what de-furring your legs and organic gardening and even Mother’s Day having anything to do with  each other  is: digression.

According to the google dictionary results digression is a noun and the first definition is “a temporary departure from the main subject in speech or writing.”  I would have to include “thought”.   Sample sentence:  “let’s return to the main topic after that brief digression”

Here’s how digression works:   I decide that since it has warmed up, today will be the day that I will perform the twice yearly event of shaving my legs.  Yeah, I know, you don’t really need to know that but  it’s very necessary if you want to understand how digression works.  As I was feeling perhaps a little shamed that it took 4 razors to accomplish the task, I got to thinking about social pressure.  I mean, would I be shaving my legs at all if it were not for you guys out there?  How did women shave their legs in the stone age?  The thought of taking a sharp stone to my legs made me think about what women do to impress other women.  Yes, I said women because we all know that what men like in women from handling the household to well, other things we won’t get into, does not require smooth legs.  So, for the sake of not looking bad to other women we take that sharp rock to our legs and acquire many bleeding spots that we proudly attach tissues too (did they have tissues back then?) and show off our badly marred – but smooth legs.

Yes, I admit it’s only because of you out there that I ever shave my legs.  I honestly don’t think that any woman with better things to do would have been the one to think up shaving off what God put there for I’m sure some good reason.   Perhaps they had televisions and sharp rock marketing programs back then and they haven’t told us.

So, since it was taking so long for me to get all that nasty hair off my legs it gave me plenty of time to think  digress.  This digression took my mind to the blog post that I had forgotten to make yesterday which took me to the garden which took me to growing organically which took me to the fact that so many things we do are from social pressure which took me to maybe some  people think I grow organically because it’s the cool thing to do which took me to maybe some of  you out there are looking more to organic food…all because of social pressure.

But just like not shaving my legs, I grow organic just because I never thought about putting nasty chemicals into my food.  It was so long ago  I started gardening that it was not the “popular” thing to do.  Most people just did that.  They couldn’t afford to buy chemicals or just wouldn’t have thought to even think to add them.  Marketing and big agri are what precipitated unnatural gardening techniques.  Just like marketing and big business  led  you to buy not a sharp rock but a 5 blade razor.  Pink, of course, or maybe yellow. Well, now we have progressed so far as to have multi colors.  At least that’s what I’m told.  I use my husbands.  Shhh, don’t tell.

And then I continued my digressive ways upon realizing after I had written my original title for this post, that it was Mother’s Day and that it might be rude not to acknowledge those of you who are Mother’s who read this blog.  I would like to acknowledge you not just today which would be done because of social pressure.  But everyday.  I would like to honor you as a Mother and as a person by growing good food for you and your family.  I would like you to have that good food in your home not because it is the fashionable thing to do but because it is a good thing to do if you can.  I try to make it affordable so that you do not break your budget.  I try to make it as nutritionally sound so that you get the most for your time and money.  The best thing we can do as Mother’s besides meeting the spiritual needs of our children is to meet their nutritional needs with good wholesome food.  I know that you all try your best to do that and for that – I applaud you.

So de-furring legs, organic gardening and Happy Mother’s Day are all related at least in my mind.  Now maybe it will be in yours.

The only change I would make in the Google definition of “digression” would be in the sample sentence which really should read: “let’s return to the main topic after that brief  very long digression”.

And if I see you peering under the Farmer’s Market table like you are looking to see if I have extra tomatoes under there, I will know the real reason why.

2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day and What Does De-Furring Your Legs Have to do with Organic Gardening?

  1. I JUST READ THIS! HOW DID I MISS IT? I laughed until I had tears in my eyes!

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