May 20, 2014

The list of things to do is far longer than the list of things that got done but here’s what I did get done today in the garden:

transplanted the celery (more on that later), seeded a row of carrots next to the leeks (chantenay, Blanche a Collet and Rothchild), and savoy King Cabbage along with some radishes.

The celery was planted in the bucket garden alongside the cabbage.  I’ve heard that they get along pretty good as neighbors so the bag village should be peaceful and happy.  The carrots were planted alongside the leeks for the same reason.  We all like good neighbors so I want my carrots and leeks to be happy so they will grow well and make you happy.  The radishes were planted inside the same row as the carrots because I heard that they grow quicker than the carrots and then you don’t plant something else there thinking that there is nothing there which is not something that I heard but that I have done so I know that it is true.  The part about planting something where you think nothing is because that nothing takes weeks to decide to show itself.  The part about the radishes growing faster I can’t verify as I don’t consider over a week growing very fast which is how long it takes my radishes to pop through.  Since it only takes me a day to forget what I have planted in any given row a week isn’t quick enough.  Well, that’s what this blog is all about – helping my memory.

T=3 hours


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