Tired but still Kicking

I haven’t posted for a while but not because I haven’t been doing anything.  Just too tired to stay awake when I come in from the “field.”  It’s more like a large garden patch but it seems like a field when I ‘m out there working!

Since I’ve lost count of my daily activities I will just summarize in a general way.  I planted more tomatoes a couple of days ago.  Yesterday I planted the last of the tomatoes.  Today all the peppers went in.  I haven’t counted the tomatoes of the peppers but I’m guessing all told it was about 425 plants.  I think I’ve planted other things but the mind isn’t working very well so I will count and take note later.  I’m not thrilled that I didn’t get things in earlier but given the circumstances I’m happy they are in before the first of June.  The melons and winter squashes should have been planted Memorial day but the only thing that got planted so far is 3 Crimson Sweet Watermelon seeds.  I do have some started in the greenhouse but not as many as I need.

It looks like some of the cucumbers and summer squash are starting to some up.  A bit slow for my liking and all the rain and sunshine we’ve had but it’s a start.

I also planted 20 Beauregard sweet potato slips today and am hoping that the moles don’t get more than I do!

Weeded one of the shallot patches and the fava beans and peas.  Also weeded the small row of beets.  Applied DE to all the cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower, and kohlrabi plants.

Applied fertilizer to the fava bean/pea/shallot row and the peppers that were planted today were fertilized.  The sweet potatoes were not fertilized yet.

Hopefully I will write down the pepper varieties later to post.  There are too many kinds of heirloom tomato types to even begin to list but if I ever have a moment I’m feeling bored I will try and list them too.

We have enjoyed a few strawberries and I brought in some rhubarb to make some jam but now I’m not sure if I will get that done.

We added some foster members to the family this week which is why I’m unusually busy.  A friend of mine and her husband have left for Israel and we are milking their two gorgeous cows and 3 of their goats.  The first day they were here we were not able to figure out how to use the milking machine so the goats were done by hand and the one cow was done by hand.  My friend and her husband had to make a trip out in the midst of their getting themselves and their farm ready for the time away to show us what we were doing wrong.  PLEASE hug your farmer next time you see them.  That man performs an amazing feat every day in minutes that two of us take, well, let’s say a lot longer to do.

In our industrialized nation we do not realize what it takes to get our food to the table and those of us that are trying to bring healthy, real food to our communities don’t have all the advantages of industrialization.  But we would have it no other way because it is the attempt to produce huge amounts of food and transport it that has made our food supply a detriment to our health instead of a supporter of it.  We work hard for you but we also sleep well at night!

We have gotten our cow milking time down from 1 1/2 hours to about 45 minutes.  It takes another 45 or so minutes to clean all the equipment and strain the milk.  But we now are enjoying the process and still appreciating that normally someone else does all the work and we reap the benefits!


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