May 30, 2014

Got some planting done today but not a lot.  It was a beautiful cool morning so I planted out seeds for: Tasty Treat japanese cucumber, Borlotto Di Vivano which is a french dwarf bean, Dragon’s Tongue beans, and Japanese Baby Turnips – Mikado.

Also transplanted 6 gold rush zucchini,  pink banana squash and fertilized them.

Weeded another row and watered the carrots and turnips.

The foster cows did not cooperate very well today.  They were enjoying the great outdoors and even with the delicious non-GMO food we are giving them still could not be easily enticed.  We thought the milkers were not working since normally we hear the pumping sound so kept taking them back off until we realized that they were working fine just not making their usual noise.   Hand milked the goats.  All seem to be adjusting well to their temporary home. They have already given up their company manners to fitting right in with giving us a hard time!



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