June 16. 2014

Today I mineralized all the gardens.  Replaced some tomatoes that were not doing well with some Paul Robeson tomatoes.

There are several tomato varieties that are blossoming and two varieties that have 3/8 inch tomatoes coming on.  Will make a note of which ones later.

Pinched back a few pepper plants as they were already starting to bear peppers and they are too small to put all that energy into peppers right now.  Don’t feel bad about pinching off about 3 inches of your pepper plants.  They will bush out better and stronger and put their energy into building branches and leaves which will produce more and better peppers.

Pruned the tomato plants – have 2 more rows to do.

Watered twice.

Started Summertime Lettuce from E&R Seeds and Yugoslavian Red Lettuce from cherrygal.com.


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