Continued Cleaning up of the Garden

Had some more help today preparing the garden for winter.

My dad and daughter pulled up what was left of the tomato stakes and dad mowed down all the plants and weeds.  Right now he’s spreading manure in hopes that it might dry out enough someday to till everything.


Since I still have a lot of vegetables hanging in there I took about 2 hours to cover everything and to put up plastic hoop row covers so that in the next couple of days I can plant out some spinach, fettles and maybe a little lettuce.  The plastic will warm up the soil and keep the starts nice and toasty.

There were still dwarf french beans out there and some had ripened up some so I picked the last of them along with some other goodies.


Took the last of the jalapeños and put them through the food processor and transferred them to freezer bags to enjoy in chili and on pizza this winter.

I spent about another 2 hours picking lettuce and a CSA share and cleaning it all up for this weeks extra offering.

The winterizing is not all done but we did make some headway.  I don’t like the cold so running crazy trying to get as much done in the warm sunshine as I can!


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