Preparation for Preparation

We had a bit of a reprieve in the cold weather today.  It is, alas, temporary but it did bring me out of hibernation mode long enough to get the garage straightened up enough that I could find a batch of seeds that were missing.  It took me 2 hours to arrange the garage and another 2 hours to list all the seed varieties into my seed list.  I confess that I am a seedaholic.  If there is such a thing.  I have  a problem even if there isn’t.  I am fascinated by the characteristics of certain plant varieties and feel it is my duty to try as many as possible before I die.  Or at least it would so seem.

Next week begins the start of seed sowing so I still have some work to do in the now neat garage to find space to start them but at least I can get around in there to get that done the next break we get.  It won’t be long now til everything is in full swing and I will complain about being so busy but am secretly  longing to be outside again.  The little ones and I are already talking about what it’s going to be like to go out and start eating the strawberries.  Of course, we each claim that we are going to sneak out early each morning to eat them all before the other gets any but we all know that we will share in the delightful juiciness together because together is just more fun.  Even if you do have to share.


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