Beet the Celery. Uh, You Can’t Beet Celery…

Today’s topic is beets and celery.  If you hadn’t guessed.  I’m not planting beets today.  Just the celery but I recently sent out a newsletter with a picture of beets in the header.  Well, I knew it was a picture of beets but it wasn’t as obvious to others! Which made me realize that just because I know something it is wrong to assume others will know.  It’s just not cool to send people interested in good, delicious looking and tasting food pictures of primeval worms.

Lest you wonder how someone could mistake beets for worms it might be helpful to share the picture.  Which I will do in a minute.  In my defense, these are chioggia beets so they are not a solid red color. They have beautiful swirls of white throughout the root.  These beautiful swirls of white do not translate well in a header picture.

Now when I look at my picture of beets I see worms. I hope it doesn’t transfer to when I go to eat them. I used to love roasted beets.

To be fair this dear person gave other options of what first came to her mind when she saw this picture but really,  I could see her point with the curled up worms idea.  And to her credit she knew it wasn’t worms but still, it made me realize that there are some crazy vegetables out there that a lot of us don’t recognize or know about.  This is primarily because what you find at the store are those varieties that travel well or have the best pest defenses or some other good reason that mass produced food needs to  make it to the table.

The wonderful advantage of growing your own, or knowing someone who does is you get to try all kinds of different varieties and experience the “same old” in a new way or color or flavor.  Even if it is reminiscent of something not so pleasant.

The celery was started today. I’m planting  “Redventure” this year.  Celery is very picky and needs lots of water so I’m just growing it for our family and my very-special-indeed-CSA members.  At least that’s the plan.


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