Time to Think Spring Even If It Isn’t

It’s 4 degrees here today. The low this morning was -16.  But nonetheless, spring is in the air (albeit the air somewhere farther South) and the beginnings of the garden start now.

My leeks, hot peppers, and parsley were started on the 11th of February.

And yesterday, the 19th I saw the first little signs of life popping through.

The reason those things need started so early are that they are sporadic in their germination and they also need a long time to germinate.

The leeks popped through first although there are many more that haven’t shown their faces yet.


I made these pictures extra large so you could see the starts. As you can tell, the germination is sporadic at this time. There is a leek seed planted every inch in this soil.

Then that same day later in the day, I saw some hot peppers.  The Chichimecca variety were the first to show through.  Hot peppers are notorious for taking a long time to germinate and need bottom heat to coax them along.


It looks like these pepper starts just now poked their stems through as they are still bowed down to their Creator and have yet to lift their faces toward His. Peppers are like that. Thankful. There is one, bottom right that is upright. He probably poked his way through earlier in the day. Yes, peppers have different sexes. But I’m only guessing he’s a he.

Parsley also takes a couple of weeks to germinate.  So I was surprised to see any hot peppers so soon.  There has been no sign of life from the parsley as yet.  Parley likes to keep you hanging.  Just when you are ready to give up and plant something else they finally come through but it’s kinda scary until then.


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