Sunday’s Starts

I have gotten behind in my planting schedule but I think I got caught up today.

I planted  Martha Washington Asparagus which I purchased from Seed Renaissance.

I also planted two types of onions – Dakota Winter from Prairie Road Organic Seed.   And Cipolla from Franchi Seeds.

I still had some room left in the trays so I filled up the rest with Grand Rapids Lettuce gotten from Seed Renaissance.

All told there are over 500 seeds that I hope will germinate within the next couple of weeks.

Onions need to be started pretty early in February. Like I said, I’m late planting them as I had a planting calender made out and it said to plant the onions in March.  But I must have neglected to record the actual seed starting time and just the other day realized that I plant the onions outside in March.  Duh.

Anyway, the reason that onions need started rather early is that onion growth corresponds with night darkness lengths. If that makes any sense.  Once the nights are not as long by June your onions are done adding layers of leaves.  The more layers of leaves you have the more rounds you will have in your onions and your onions will be larger.  So the earlier you get them planted the more chance they have of being larger onions.

I think I will be OK though as the particular onions I’m planting I’m not looking for size.  Some of these will be used for scallions or green onions so I’m not concerned about bulb size.

All my onions that I grow large (sometimes as much as 3 pounds each) I let the onion experts start for me.  Since I plant over 1500 onions I would have to build a special add on just for the onion starts.  Some things it’s just better to let someone who specializes do their thing.

Most things are good to start yourself but onions, garlic, shallots, and potatoes I leave to the experts.  Oh, and this year I started some of my own short season leeks but I am trying purchasing my fall leek starts.  We will see what happens.


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