Ode to Summer

The weather forecast is calling for frigid temperatures in the evenings and cold during the day so I suppose I must give up my hopes of an elongated and warm fall.  We picked some lettuce out of the garden, added some tomatoes and onion, beans and corn chips to make our favorite summer meal – taco salad.  Mix up some salsa and mayonnaise to top it and don’t expect any leftovers.  Good-Bye,  my beloved Summer 2014.



Let’s Have Some Japanese If You Plea ese

It was too cold and rainy to work much in the garden today.  I did pick 3 zucchini and some scalloped squash along with about 3 heads of lettuce and some japanese cabbage and japanese bunching onion.

The CSA has received japanese cabbage in the last 2 shares and I’ve received good reports about how tasty it was so I was anxious to try it for myself.

So today I cooked up some japanese yam and made the japanese cabbage recipe suggested by Susie (one of my CSA customers who happens to also be an essential oil expert) on her website.  You can find her version here:


My version was a bit different as I didn’t have all the ingredients that she used but I have to say it was pretty good and I wasn’t the only one who thought so as our 2,3 and 4 year olds all scarfed it down before they even ate the sweet potatoes.

I cut up my head of cabbage (which resembles pak choi and lettuce all in one)  into ribbons.  I then finely chopped some japanese bunching onions and added that to the mix.  I didn’t have sesame seeds (mainly because I am allergic to them) so I used pine flakes which I toasted up as well as some almonds, slivered.  Added equal amounts of olive oil and white wine vinegar, salt and some garlic and ginger, grated.  Put in about a tablespoon of some local honey fresh extracted this week and tossed it all together. The honey in the dressing tames the slight strong flavor of the cabbage and overall created a delicious salad that rivaled any lettuce salad I’ve ever eaten.

Thanks to Susie for the written recipe and also to a couple of other members of the CSA that had tried the cabbage and shared that it was tasty.

Japanese Red Sweet Potato and Japanese Cabbage Salad.

Japanese Red Sweet Potato and Japanese Cabbage Salad.

CSA Prep Day

Started getting ready for CSA delivery this morning at 6:30.

Picked lettuce, arugula, swiss chard, spinach, kale, green beans, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, and Japanese cabbage.  Watered the bucket garden and the newly planted trees and bushes.

Got all the individual orders together and went down to my dad’s to get the apples that are stored down there to fulfill various orders.

Washed off the greens and packed them.

All of that took me til 7 pm no lunch break.  I did sneak a few bites of kohlrabi while I was washing things off.  Yum!

Purple Cauliflower - it's huge!

Purple Cauliflower – it’s huge!


A sampling of what was picked today. Just a small sampling.

Beautiful Day to be Busy in the Garden

It’s a gorgeous day – 70 plus degree temps and a nice breeze.  So it’s a day to be busy getting garden stuff done especially since I hate the cold and that’s what is coming very soon!

My dad helped out by mowing down the weeds.


I have the best dad.

I worked on the rest of the garden cleaning stuff up, pulling stuff up and whatever else needed done.

Removing stakes and ties where the tomatoes where

Removing stakes and ties where the tomatoes were


Picking the soup beans. These are dwarf french beans.

Playing in the dirt - not really - it's called earthing.  Something I try to do when working in the garden. It's good for ya!

Playing in the dirt – not really – it’s called earthing. Something I try to do when working in the garden. It’s good for ya!

All told spent about 4 hours getting ready for winter.  Of course, it’s not all done yet but we got a good start.

Someone Forgot to Tell The Weather

I know it’s asking a lot but couldn’t the killing frost have waited until AFTER I picked for CSA today and tomorrow???  I’m scared to go out and see what survived or more truthfully – what DIDN”T survive!  You know all those greens I promised you CSA customers……


June 16. 2014

Today I mineralized all the gardens.  Replaced some tomatoes that were not doing well with some Paul Robeson tomatoes.

There are several tomato varieties that are blossoming and two varieties that have 3/8 inch tomatoes coming on.  Will make a note of which ones later.

Pinched back a few pepper plants as they were already starting to bear peppers and they are too small to put all that energy into peppers right now.  Don’t feel bad about pinching off about 3 inches of your pepper plants.  They will bush out better and stronger and put their energy into building branches and leaves which will produce more and better peppers.

Pruned the tomato plants – have 2 more rows to do.

Watered twice.

Started Summertime Lettuce from E&R Seeds and Yugoslavian Red Lettuce from cherrygal.com.


June 1, 2014

Got the beet row fertilized.  Hand tilled 2 rows and planted Peppermint Stick Chard, White Icicle Radishes, French Breakfast Radishes (in carrot row),  Cosmic Purple Carrot and Black Radish.  Also planted a block of Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa from Cherrygal.com.  The Peppermint Stick Chard was from Renee’s Garden.

Transplanted out some Rainbow Swiss Chard.  Filled in open spaces in lettuce row with new lettuce.  Filled in beet row with Cylindra beets.  And transplanted a row of Collards.

Weeded 3 rows and fertilized around the rhubarb.

Watered bucket garden twice.

The cows were fairly cooperative and J and I are quickly becoming a good working team so milking was a breeze today.

Got 3 flats of extra veggie plants ready to give to a friend.  Uncovered the soil sprouts so they could green up.  Collapsed.  Just kidding, went to a “party” to talk about the farmer’s market opening up this week and to learn ways to clean without using soaps and dangerous cleansers.

T= 7.5